Well This Just Topped It Off

Everything has been so stressful and crazy these last few months but last night just Topped it off.
Two words: Wragg Fire!  Had to evacuate the barn last night. My horse is not an easy loader, luckily I had the hind site to borrow a 3 horse slant load, cause I knew he wasn’t getting into my straight load in the dark. Well he didn’t want to get in the slant either. We had to get the stud chain out cause we didn’t have time for his BS. We also were hauling a horse that was trying to buck, kick and lay down in the trailer! Luckily I had planned to move my horse from the current barn on Saturday, so I knew I had somewhere to go. The BO had absolutely no plan. Her and her husband had alcohol on their breath (the BO is a whole other issue), and she forgot to call an owner about their horse and almost forgot it until someone mentioned him as they were all about to leave. So luckily he did get a ride out but the owner was pissed cause she was not notified. It really was a stressful night. I had to drop my horse off in a strange place and leave him, cause the other horse was ready to bust through the floor of the trailer. To say the least, my trainer was pissed. But all in all my guy was eating drinking and he played with a new friend today in turn out and it was adorable. He rolled and ran and bucked so he settled in just fine. First time I’ve been able to just breath in months.





  1. That’s really scary. When I first moved to CA well over a decade ago, there was a fire in the hills near where I had just started boarding my horse. The road to the barn was shut down. I don’t even remember how we owners knew what was going on, but we weren’t allowed to go to the barn. The manager supposedly had a fleet of horse trailers ready if they needed to evacuate. I remember ash on my car from miles and miles away. Glad nothing came of it. Sounds like everything worked out well despite the circumstances. And glad something thought of that almost-left horse!


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