gallery The sight of spring!

Go follow my friends new blog!!! So exciting!!! If you like horses, dogs, and urban farming, this is a perfect blog for you.

Urban Peasant

Spring seems to have sprung! Well… Ok it’s technically still winter but here in Northern California with the temperatures in the 70’s, the hens laying like crazy, and the tender sprouts shooting up it certainly FEELS like spring!

The garden plot has been tilled and formed into rows and the tulip, daffodil and various other bulbs I planted months ago are rising up towards the sun. The spinach, cabbage, lettuce, beets, Swiss chard, and winter squash has been sowed and the tiny shoots are rising from the soil promising a bountiful harvest.

We also have a wild card sprout in the garden! It appears to be of the melon or squash family. Time will tell!

We also welcomed two new hens to the flock! Margaret Puffington and Katherine- Miss Puff the golden hen being a Buff Orpington- an English breed developed in Orpington, Kent which is in the south-east of…

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