2015 Goals Update + Goals for 2016

th (4)I know this post is all kinds of late, but better late than never. I figured I should make this post to get me motivated for this year with my horse.  As my featured picture explains, my th (1)2015 goals failed.  When I say “Failed,” I mean, FAILED!  Okay so maybe I may have come close to a few goals and semi-achieved a goal, BUT I am not going to get down about it.  I am going to pick myself up by my spur straps and start anew.  I have new goals for 2016, and gosh darn it, I am going to TRY to achieve them.

As for the goals for last year, let’s see what happened:


My Riding Goals:

  • Gain confidence –Failed- moved Breeze to a new barn that has a flat arena, and started to gain confidence, but never fully reached it, and now at the moment have none
  • Better Posture – Failed-didn’t get to ride him much due to a poor fitting saddle, so very little time to practice to achieve this goal.
  • Gain Poise – Failed – See above.
  • Jump 2′6” – semi-Achieved- I jumped 2’6″ before my traumatic event, so I wanted to get back to that point, well I did jump 2′ so I was close, but again, very little riding on my horse resulted in a lack of/no practicing.  But I was close, so it is possible with consistency in riding and training.  And with Trainer he was jumping up to 3′ by the end of the summer!
  • Show 5x this season (1 being a Jumper and 1 being an Eventing) – Failed- Yeah, again, a lack of riding by me = not one show, not even a schooling/ pleasure show.  The want was there but it didn’t get to happen.
  • Clean Tack Once a Week  FAILED! – Okay now this one is completely and totally my fault.  I was just plain lazy.  Can’t blame this one on a lack of riding time.  Hell, with the lack of riding I had plenty of time to clean tack.
  • School at a XC Park – Failed – See all of above.

Goals For Breeze:  I really can’t speak to whether or not any of these are failures or not.  As I had stated in the above goals for me, I had not been able to ride my horse much last year and the beginning of this year so I do not know how his progress has been.   I know he has been doing well in his Training rides when he has them.  And Trainer always looks very pleased.  

  • Load in Trailer in Less Than 1 Minute – Mostly achieved! – He doesn’t load in less than 1 minute but we can get him in either on the second try most of the time or on his own.  It may take about 5 minutes make to get him in the trailer. But technically that happened this year.  I’ll take it.
  • Increased Balance
  • Straightness
  • Better/Smoother Downward Transitions
  • Consistent Flying Lead Changes
  • Hold Frame On His Own Longer

My Non-Equestrian Goals:

  • Take Better Care of My Skin – Failed- I have the products and ready for beautiful skin, but I think I need to manage the stress that affects it the most.
  • Lose 25-30 lbs. – Failed- again I need to manage the stress (which I am hoping to eliminate the majority of it soon) that results in “stress eating.”
  • Workout Regularly – Failed- I started, but, again the stress and depression just made me so fatigued, tired, and lazy.
  • Drink Minimum 1/2 Gallon Water – Semi-achievement- Some days were good, some days exceeded a gallon, however, the increase in soda consumption kind of defeats the purpose of drinking more water.  In my defense, with the increase in soda consumption, it is a good thing I was making a conscious effort to drink more water.
  • Take Vitamins and Meds Regularly – Failed – need a better system to remember to do this.
  • Get & Keep a Job-BAMB! ACHIEVED!! – I have a part time job that allows me to work with little to no contact with humans (extreme social anxiety), pays decent, and allows me to be flexible to take off for a lesson or training session for Breeze. Been working since June (partly why my posting stopped for a while), so getting and keeping a job; ACHIEVED!!

I know using such a harsh word such as “Failed” sounds so negative but I am not a sugar th (2)coat it type person.  I am the give it to me straight because that then fuels my fire for change.  I was this way in skating.  If my double Axel looked like shit, tell me.  Don’t give me the, “well at least you didn’t fall,” or “It was ‘cheated’ but I’ll take it.” No!! If it’s not right let’s fix the damn thing otherwise I will get bored.  So yes, I failed at most of my goals.  Yes, I had very achievable goals and I achieved almost none of them.  That just makes me have to stand back and reassess the situation, move things around, make more $$ for more lessons, whatever it takes because selling Breeze  is not an option.  He is my horse and I just have to figure it out so we can start eating these goals for breakfast!!


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