Registered Name: PSR Driftbar Breeze (name change in the future, hopefully)
Breed: American Quarter Horse
Registered: AQHA
Barn Name: Breeze
DOB: March 20, 2006
Sire: Indians Drift
Dam: A Soft Summer Breeze
Breeder: Painted Sands Ranch (PSR), Vacaville, CA

Bloodlines: Isle Breeze, Two eyed Jack, Three Bars, Top Breeze, Top Deck
Height: ~15.2hh (need to re-measure)

Discipline: Training in Eventing (Dressage, Jumping, and Cross Country)
Likes: Jumping, challenges, cross country, carrots, face currying, working, playing Tug-O-War, Mrs. Pastures Cookies, cantering, Jolly Balls, Bananas
Dislikes: baths, stalls, loading in the trailer, clipping his ears and bridle path, walking, sweat on his face


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