Wish List

thOkay, I don’t really need any of these things (hence ‘wish list’), but some of these items make things a little easier and are good to have as an equestrian.  Some of these things I absolutely do not need, but I just really want them.  The items that I want ASAP are in bold.  I am not real picky about brands just quality.  Only brand name I like is Schockemöhle Sports. So anything Schockemöhle, I want.


  • Trailer ties (2)
  • Rubber stall chain (2)
  • Full length shipping boots (set of 4)
  • Trailer video system
  • Collapsible saddle rack

Barn Supplies:

  • Blanket bar
  • Collapsible tack rack
  • Kensington stall guard (black ice plaid)
  • Small hole mesh hay net (2) -need one more
  • Tack locker
  • Huskey tool box

First Aid:

  • No bow pillow wraps (2 sets of 4) -Purchased used 1 set of 4 and 1 pair of thick/longer
  • Standing wraps Purchased used (hunter green set of 4)
  • Linament gel  Purchased Absorbine Vet Linament


  • Grooming stool box (blue)
  • Quic-Silver Shampoo
  • Clippers
  • Cool care spray
  • Tail Tamers jelly scrubber (2)
  • Roma gel handle sweat scraper
  • Wooden Show grooming box


  • Exercise rug
  • Fancy cooler
  • Light turn out
  • Light blanket


  • White polo wraps (2 sets of 4)
  • Dressage sport boots front
  • Dressage sport boots hind
  • Jumping boots front & hind (preferably leather or Equi-Fit)
  • Fleece lined bell boots
  • Kevlar overreach boots
  • Cross country boots


  • Rein Stops
  • Running martingale breast plate attachment
  • extra stirrup leathers (black & Brown)
  • Good stirrup irons (grate pads)
  • Ovation or Antares elastic breast plate
  • Leather girth
  • Spare girths
  • Show Bridle and reins
  • Show Dressage bridle and reins
  • Dressage saddle
  • Dressage girth (show)
  • Dressage girth (Schooling)
  • Leather show halter
  • Brass saddle plate
  • Brass halter plate
  • USEA Medical card/Arm band
  • Centaur bling crochet ear net  -Don’t want anymore see next bullet instead
    • ice blue
    • ice green
    • raspberry
    • turquiose
  • More Schockemöhle bonnets
  • More USG bonnets


  • Happy mouth
  • French link eggbutt
  • Copper oval link
  • Full cheek snaffle
  • Hackamore
  • Side pull


  • Easy adjust side rein Purchased
  • Long Lines Purchased
  • Lunge line (30’+)
  • Surcingle Purchased
  • Vienna Side reins
  • Balancing system – no longer want


Lets not even go there.


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